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We have seen our fair share of flooded basements due to pipe bursts and storms. Here are a few quick tips on what to do if your basement floods from a burst pipe this Winter.

My Basement Is Flooded! What Do I Do?

1) Always call police & fire for any emergency if someone is in harm’s way

2) Immediately try to find the water source and turn it off so it stops flooding your basement

You may need to go to the home’s main water valve to shut off all the water in your home. This will likely be in the basement or whereever your water softener unit is located. It will look something like this picture here.

emergency services in grand blanc picture of main water valves

3) Call a contracting professional licensed in the work of emergency flooded basement restoration service

They will be able to advise you on the best plumber to use in your area and will be able to start working on cleaning up the water. TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE with water. Dangerous molds and bacteria builds up quickly. Water soaks into the walls, behind the walls and can create enormous health issues.


4) Start with removing the water if you choose not to use a professional.

You will want to quickly get the area dry. Then you will want to rent fans & dehumidifiers to start wicking the water out of the walls. After a few days, you will want to use safe solutions that kill any type bacteria so your family is safe.

At Core Pro Emergency Services, we have mitigated water & mold from basements for decades. We know the best way to remove water from your basement and have the right equipment to do so. We use special techniques & cleaners to ensure a safe, home environment. Call us if you have any issues with water & mold.

flooded basement

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