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Prevent water damage in your home by learning where to look and what causes water damage. Watch out! Invisible causes of water damage hard to detect by simple do-it-yourself inspections. A great place to start reading up on all the little causes of water damage.

At Core Pro Services, we believe in teaching and providing solutions. We are always honored to assist in water damage situations but think everyone should live in a safe home.

Control potential problems before they turn into significant water damage problems! These water damage tips will help you save money and keep your home in great shape for the future.

Check your plumbing pipes for leaks at the joints and hoses
Leaks in the wall are harder to determine. Look for stains int he wall that could stem from plumbing leaks and are slowly creating a major water damage problem.

Review all pipes in the house especially around sinks, faucets, kitchen sinks, toilets, and showers.

Storms, flooding, winter wear and tear, blizzards, and tornados can create water damage problems without you noticing. Inspect the exterior of your house and fix anything, including seals.

Heating Systems and Air Conditions
Neglecting air conditioners leads to poor performance, expensive operating costs and moisture issues. Moist cooling ducts promote mold and other water-borne bacteria.

Water heaters, washers, and dryers tend to crack over time, allowing water to trickle. Although these appliances will start leaking slowly, this leak can grow and cause a flood when failed. Hoses tend to deteriorate inside out, resulting in leaks as well.

A wet basement is caused by moisture accumulations that drip through the foundations. When moisture evaporates, it increases humidity even if there are no leaks or standing water. Another common cause is condensation on the cold concrete walls and floors during more humid time periods.

It is recommended to inspect your home periodically to ensure that it stays in excellent condition and keeps its real market value. A periodic inspection will also help to prevent high-costs restoration projects after water-related disasters.

Need some help restoring your home? Ask our Core Professional to stop by and give you a free consultation!


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