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Everyone wants a luxury looking bathroom on a budget. However, just before we list common mistakes to avoid when renovating your bathroom, the average cost range is $15,000 to 25,000 dollars if renovated by professionals.

(Core Pro Services is almost always lower than this average!)

Between choosing the right design, material, and plan to get the bathroom done, hiring the right professionals is the only way to avoid the mistakes below.


Not using the services of a professional contractor

With so many DIY renovation videos online, homeowners think they are capable of carrying out their own bathroom renovation without help.

A bathroom renovation is not like painting the wall or planting a new garden; it involves moving heavy fittings and breaking at the wall, redoing the plumbing, walls, and floor, etc.

Certainly not a job for the inexperienced and unqualified workforce, only the boys at can help you renovate your bathroom while working with your budget, time frame, and right material for the space size.

So choose the right team to get a realistic look that fits your style and personality.


Setting an unrealistic budget

Don’t aim for a 20,000 dollar renovation when you actually have half the amount on hand. This is wrong and will leave to with an unfinished bathroom or mix matching the fittings and fixtures.

To avoid this, write down everything you need to renovate and check the prices out. This way, you work within your budget.


Not getting the right permit

A bathroom renovation might be inside your home, but depending on where you live; if you are going to be hammering and making loud noises in your home, you need a work permit to prevent the authority from fining you.

Furthermore, working with a registered team will prevent such mistakes from happening as they will cover all necessary paperwork on your behalf for a smooth hitch-free bathroom renovation.


Forgetting to install a ventilation fan

Except you live on your private property and have a bathroom as large as your living room with a large window, then you need a ventilation fan installed during a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom fans are essential for bathroom spaces as it will prevent mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom due to humidity, trapped steam, and moisture that causes musty smells.


Dull lighting

If you are not lucky to have a large window that brings natural light into your bathroom, then you need lightings to make your bathroom pop. Lighting ties the designs and creates a functional and soothing space.

Whether the lights are embedded in the ceiling or hanging from the wall, a good light goes all the way to make any bathroom renovation looking super good.

The following are some common mistakes, that when avoided will definitely make your bathroom renovation go smoothly.

Additionally, having a plan, and sticking to it are also two common mistakes to avoid when renovating your bathroom.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom anytime soon; then you need to hire professional service from


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