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Want your basement remodel to look like this?

One major reason why some real estate agents/homeowners can’t sell off some properties is because of the bad state of the basements of the properties.

While the other parts of the house might be in perfect shape;  there is every possibility that the basement might be undergoing some structural  anomalies, such as exuding mold odor and damp air, deteriorating woods, tiles, or carpets, stained, cracked and peeling walls, water seepage, and leakages, and other basement problems.

No matter how good looking the other parts of the home may look, once you have a deteriorating basement, it scares away potential home buyers. This is why most homeowners try to renovate their basements before putting up their homes for sale.

If your basement is in this damp and unsavory state, there is no cause for alarm as there are plans you can put in place to turn your basement into a delight, either for your personal use or for your potential buyers.

Plans To Remodel Your Basement

Figure out what type of basement you have. The first step to take is to find out the type of basement construction you have in your home. There are three basic types of basement constructions namely: Masonry wall, Poured Concrete, and Precast panels.

Masonry wall

These types of basements walls are constructed with cinder blocks held together with cement or lime mortar.

Poured Concrete

This is the most preferred and strongest basement construction of all. This is constructed by pouring footing as the foundation of the basement, after which the poured concrete is held in place by forms to enable quick drying.

Precast Panels

These types of basement walls are constructed by making concrete into moveable forms which can be transported from place to another for final fittings.

Knowing your basement walls will help you figure out the problems of the basement, the causes, and how to rectify it.

Outline the changes you want in your basement

The walls are basically the topmost problems of basements, and once that has been figured out, the next thing is to outline the changes you want in your basements. This should cover electric outlets, lightings, dust collection, ventilation, flooring, and ceilings.

Draw a basement remodel plan

If you want to DIY the plans for the new basement, you can do that. All you need to do is get the aggregate measurements of the initial basement space, then start allocating the changes.

You start by drawing the walls, then you add the furniture, insert the electrical switches and outlets, don’t forget the plumbing attachments such as toilet, sink and jacuzzi, you can add electronic gadgets. Just add anything you want to your basement plan.

If you don’t want to go through that stress, you can hire the services of a basement planner.

Contact a professional basement remodeling company 

This is the point where all your changes are brought to life.  it is not advisable that you try to renovate your basement yourself. Rather, hand the job over to professionals, and give them your plan to work with.

Trying to remodel your basement yourself can be disastrous as there are so many intricacies attached to it that you can’t pull through all by yourself, such as walls removal, mold removal, windows and door installation, electric workings, and plumbing renovations.

So, you need to hire the services of experienced personnel to get these jobs done.

To change the look and state of your basement, these are specific plans you should put in place to get your basement remodeled to a high standard.

Don’t forget to hire our basement remodeling services at Core Pro, we are experienced and equipped for the removal of any type of basements, and installation of any home appliances.


At Core Pro, we love to make our customers’  homes the best choices in the real estate market.

You can call us on (810)  258-0303, or visit our website



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