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The first thing a potential buyer of your home will see is your home. You want them to LOVE your home before they pull into the driveway. We call it, staging the outside of your home so it can sell quickly.

So to WOW your potential buyers, you should follow these 3 steps to staging the outside of your home:

  1. Take a notepad and walk as far down the street as you can and still see your house. What do you see that could leave negative impressions? Walk several steps closer. Now what do you see that might deter a potential buyer from purchasing your home? Then stand by the driveway, this is what people see when they get out of their car. What could be a negative? Do you see flaky exterior paint? How is your roof? Are your gutters clear? Are your windows clean or even worse, broken? How is your landscaping?
  2. Now stand close to your front door. Imagine the realtor fumbling with his keys while your potential buyers are standing there and waiting. What do you see? Dead plants? Cobwebs? Old Christmas decorations? Is caulk missing around your door? Remember, you want to make a great first impression. Note these as well.
  3. Time to go to the backyard! What do you see as you walk into the backyard that your future homeowners might not like? How does your deck look?

What’s most important is putting yourself in their shoes. Pretend you are looking at your home for the first time. What impressions do you get when you look at it from that lense?

Now take all those notes and start tackling. It’s probably a big list right?

finished exterior paint in flushing

We love helping customers make their home sellable. We will gladly swing by and give you some advice along with a quote for any of the work that might take you too much time.

Give us a call (810) 258-0303 or Request a FREE Quote and we’ll gladly swing on by!

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