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Kitchen remodel completed job and picture bfore - before and after kitchen remodel pictureDo it yourself – DIY home improvement projects can seem daunting. Sometimes the last thing you want to do with your Saturday is spend all day working on your house. But just because you’re working on something doesn’t mean it has to feel like work.  Here are some ways to make your weekend project a blast. 


  1. Use your DIY home improvement project for alone time/fun with family and friends.

Everybody’s different. Some people need some alone time after the workweek. Use your project to recharge without the noise of other people. Other folks want to spend the weekend hanging out with friends and family. If that’s you, take the opportunity to get some help and invite your friends or family members to help out. Catch up while working hard and working together. You’d be surprised by how much fun working on your project becomes when hanging out with the people you care about. 


  1. Cue up a soundtrack to your DIY home improvement project. 

Music always makes tasks go by faster. Whether it’s a country banger or a rock classic, find the songs that energize you and keeps your heart pumping. If music’s not your speed, find a podcast that keeps your mind entertained and focused. 


  1. Take Advantage of the Summer Sun

Do any outside projects on a sunny day so you can soak up the summer sunshine that you may have missed while working during the week. Pick an area with shade so the sun isn’t beating directly down on you and make sure to sunscreen up but don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the summer weather while it’s here. 


  1. Get a special snack for the day. 

Whether it’s a popsicle for a break from working out in the summer sun or a special cake that you only get to eat once you’ve completed your project, get some special treat to reward yourself with. You spent your day off work, so reward yourself with a treat that you don’t usually get yourself. Make it a special day. 


  1. Paint in a color you like

A lot of DIY projects involve painting. While picking a color that works in your home’s color scheme and won’t diminish resale value is important, make sure to pick a color you like for your project. You have to spend all day with this color and look at it forever after, so pick a color that brings you joy and brightens your day. Don’t chase trends. Pick a color that excites you. 


  1. Make sure the DIY home improvement project is meaningful to you

You may not always feel like cleaning the gutters, or painting the cabinets or clearing out the garage but just think about how each of those projects will improve your life. Clean gutters will protect your roof which shields your home and family. Cheerier cabinets will make your kitchen more inviting and welcoming, adding extra joy to your life. A clean garage will give make it easier to find the things that matter and will protect against injuries that can happen while searching through a mess of tools and yard supplies. It may even allow you to park two cars in your garage, making the driveway available for basketball or chalk drawings with the kids. 


Summer projects may feel like a bummer but hopefully, these tips will reframe the way you look at them and turn what could be a long, frustrating day, into an exciting and energizing way to spend your summer day. 


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