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Mold can be found anywhere in your house starting with the air you breathe all the way to the surfaces of walls, clothing, furniture, and more. Typically, mold spores come from the outside and figure out how to make their way into your lovely clean home. It’s important to keep up with regular cleaning around the obvious places like showers, bathrooms, kitchen areas, under the sinks, etc.

Is mold Mold Growing in Your HomeWhen should you get worried about having too much mold in your home? Big mold issues tend to happen when there is an on-going water running issue. Even the smallest of leaks can create huge mold issues. We see it all the time when residents ask us to inspect a potential problem.

Big ol’ mold infestations are caused by on-going water leaks, areas where there is high humidity, any place that had a flood, and anywhere there is standing water.

Owner of Core Pro Services, Tim Webster says, “you need to be very careful after there is a flood in your home. Water seeps in the most inconspicuous places and can cause terror to your home and your family’s health. The best thing to do when you have a leak is to call the plumber and get it fixed. Then, call a company like ours that can thoroughly remove all the moisture, so your home is safe from significant damage down the road, and your family is safe by not breathing in those terrible mold spores.

Mold will quickly seep into everything. It seeps into your carpets, clothing, behind the walls, into your insulation, into the wood, into your furniture, into your beds, and into your cupboards. Gross right!

Over time, this damage is costly and very difficult to mitigate.

Health issues from the mold in your home stir up allergies, sickness, increases infections and can create major respiratory problems.

Here are a few quick ways to keep moisture down and keep your home safety up.

1. Keep all bathrooms and any area that uses water vented to the outside to keep the environment dry.

2. Keep all the home air-conditioning vents open and clear from blockage. It’s always a good idea to get your home vents cleaned 1-2 times a year.

3. If you have a basement, it’s still a good idea to install a dehumidifier. This will keep the area dry.

4. Sounds simple, but used your bathroom exhaust fan when taking a shower. We see many many attic mold issues from showers that either vent incorrectly or families that don’t use the vent when showering. Usually, the shower will produce too much moister for the small bathrooms which makes this a breeding ground for mold.

5. Use insulation around cold pipes. This will keep them from dripping in the Summertime.

6. It’s always a good idea to install a moisture sensor in basement areas that don’t ever see regular traffic.

We hope these tips will help you and your family live in a safe, mold-free environment!

If you have flooding or emergency water issue, we are always willing to help. Just call our 24hr service hotline, and we’ll quickly run to the rescue!


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