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A simple scarf or hat can do wonders to brighten up a bedroom!

Why is the bedroom one of the last places we improve for decorating but it’s the one place where we spend most of our time? There always seem to be other projects in the home that take priority. However, studies show a bright, organized room can improve your mood and decrease stress! Here are 5 free ways to enhance your bedroom without having to spend any money.




  1. Rearrange! Shifting furniture around and rearranging your room will quickly make your room feel new. You may find some new space to keep you better organized.
  2. Accent: Look for unique ways to accent your room with items you might not be using. For instance, look for scarves or other things that could brighten up your color scheme. Strategically placing a scarf or fun items that can quickly improve the mood of your bedroom.
  3. Life: Adding a small plant near a window will bring life into your room. Literally! Take a look around your house and see if you can relocate a plant to your bedroom. Ivy and shade ground cover plants are great houseplants and require little maintenance. Old teapots, bowls, and unique containers from the kitchen can be a fun way to bring your bedroom a unique look.
  4. Old School: Get old school for a new look. Go back and find old photos of your family, high school mementos, wedding photos, or childhood photos. Dig up some old frames or find unique ways to hold up these items such as clothespins. How about hanging your old varsity jacket on a hook or your wedding veil on the corner of a mirror?
  5. Smells great! Place some scented candles or potpourri in your room to bring a fresh smell into your bedroom. Or cut up flowers and place them into your bedroom. Dandelions in a bowl of floating water will give your room that fresh Summer smell and look without costing anything!

A few slight adjustments to your bedroom can make your room feel fresh and new. If you want to make an even more significant impact, spend a little money on having a professional paint your bedroom and hallway leading into your bedroom. Fresh new walls and ceiling can make your entire home feel new.

Core Pro Services would love the opportunity to help you with your home for any handyman projects including bedroom painting projects. Reach out to us and see how fast we can help liven up your home!

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