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5 best DIY projects to tackle this FallSummer is known as DIY season. Everyone uses the long summer days and good weather to get as many projects done as they can. But just because Fall is coming doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to work on all the DIY projects that you’ve put off getting done. Fall is perhaps an even better time to get your DIY on. Cool-weather and gentle breezes sure beat the sweltering heat and the sun beating down on you. Here are the top five projects to get done this Fall. 

  1. Restain the Deck: Your deck got a lot of use this summer. After summer storms and barbeques and grad parties, your deck is maybe looking a little worse for wear. Take advantage of the cooler weather to repaint or restain your deck so it’s looking fresh for the next season. Painting involves sweeping off leaves and keeping your deck clean. This forces you to clean your deck and not just leave the Fall leaves to get snowed on and turn up decayed and rotting on your wood in the Spring. 
  2. Spruce Up the Front: A repainted front door? New shudders? Newly potted plants? Maybe a swept and fixed upfront stoop? The entryway to your home is the first impression your home gives but it’s so easy to forget and neglect. Think of the ways you can cheer up your home’s exterior entrance this fall. Do that extra landscaping or recocking before the snow and cold weather arrive to drive your DIY energies inside. 
  3. Replace Windows: Winter is coming and you want to be prepared. Fall is the time to replace or repair any old or damaged windows. Old windows can let in drafts which can make your home cold and increase your energy bill and carbon footprint as your heating system fights the drafts to keep your home warm. Give your heating a hand with new, energy-efficient windows that will keep the cold air out and reduce your home’s energy use. 
  4. Clean Gutters: Gutters are the DIY Divas of the Fall. They love to swallow falling leaves and sticks and get clogged up. The clogged tree cuts can cause your gutters to fill up with rainwater instead of letting it flow away from your home. This can lead to damage and leaks. Before the snow lands and settles the leaves and debris into your gutters, get in there and clean your gutters out. Start the Fall with clean gutters and you won’t have to go out and clean them out every time you get an Autumn rainstorm. Work smarter not harder and clean your gutters at the beginning of Fall. 
  5. Repair your Roof: Your roof is there to protect your home from outside elements. Fall and Winter is when those outside elements get fiercer, colder and more dangerous. Make sure your roof is equipped to handle the forces of winter. Fix any damaged or weak spots in your roof in the early Fall so next time Elsa lets it go, your roof will be ready to shield your home from the winter weather. 

Summer is drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean you have to draw your DIY energies to a close. Take advantage of the crisp Fall weather to get things done around your home and prep for Winter. And if you need help, call Core Pro Services


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