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reorganizing your garageIt’s still summertime which is a perfect time for reorganizing your garage! The perfect time of year to go to the beach, get ice cream, or pull all that junk out of your garage and into the driveway. Better to reorganize your garage now than in the rainy Spring or cold Winter.

Here are some tips to help you turn your garage into an organized paradise that would make Marie Kondo proud. Okay, that might be too high a bar, but at least it won’t be a mess where you can literally get lost if you don’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

1. Toss: If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it away. Why waste space storing something you never use. We can all dream of the day when we’ll fix up that old bike or we’ll need that second edger because our long lost twin has returned and wants to edge our lawn with us but let’s be real. If it hasn’t moved in a year, move it out of your life. This is the first place to start when reorganizing your garage.

2. Donate: You may have bags of clothes and old toys and the like that you’ve been planning on donating that are just sitting there until you happen to be close to your chosen charity. What good will be close to your chosen charity do if the donatable goods are collecting dust in your garage? Bite the bullet and make that special trip to donate. You’ll help others and get them off your hands. It’s a Win-Win.

3. Sweep: Get all the dust and sand and mud that’s built up in your garage outside to wear it belongs. Sweeping is a lot of work but Cinderella swept all day and now she’s royalty so some sweeping won’t hurt you. What’s that you say? You can’t sweep because all your stuff covers the entire floor? Well, get that stuff out of your garage and into the driveway. The more you move something, the more honest you are about whether you really need it. If you don’t want to move it back into your garage, say goodbye and trash it or donate it.

4. Sort: Don’t just dump all relatively similar items together in a corner. A corner of sports-related junk and a corner of tool-related junk is still two piles of junk that you won’t be able to find anything it. Take the time to sort your nails and your screws, your tennis rackets and hockey sticks, your bike bumps and paint supplies. When each item has its own home, you’ll actually be able to find it. This will save you time and energy and give you one less thing to stress about in life.

Follow these tips when reorganizing your garage and next thing you know you’ll have the two-car garage that you never knew you had. Cleaning the garage can be a lot of work but the cleaner, more organized space will make your mind a little less cluttered and give you more energy to focus on what really matters, which is different for everybody but is definitely not hunting for a lost wrench in a cluttered garage.

Happy Organizing and check out these really great garage organizers on Amazon!


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